Keith Hafez

With over than 13 years experience in direct sales and interacting with clients from around the world, Keith Hafez has gained the exposure and skill set that has allowed him to become a successful sales manager. With a degree in bio-chemistry, Keith approaches sales with an analytical view, able to break down the techniques into components and more importantly, component which are easy to learn and implement. Along with his passion and sales expertise, Keith has taken the initiative to expand on his knowledge and gain certificates in Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP, Master practitioner & Coach trainer) , Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) , Transactional Analysis and Change management , tools that have enabled him to further refine his sales techniques .

With a proven track record of successful sales and an abundance of useful information, Keith has developed this website in order to share his experience and knowledge, as well as to create a platform which allows the transfer and sharing of experiences and feedback all with the aim of making all sales people, successful sales people.