Closing Technique:

Tones of books have been written explaining closing techniques and tricks that you can use to close the sale. It is true that no matter how great is your sales presentation if you don’t have the closing skills your are more likely to lose a lot of sales.

Closing deal tricks varied from client to another because everyone has own issues about your product need to be solved , the more you know about client observation about your product the more you will be able to solve the issue. Solving the issue is the last step before closing the deal whereas you left no doubt in the client’s mind about why he should not buy your product.

Basically most of the people concern either about the price, quality and the service.

In here I don’t want to mention techniques rather than focusing on the words used during closing.

Words to Avoid:

*People don’t like the word (buy) cause it means they have to pay and give away money, instead of buying you can use the word (own).

*Avoid use the word (pay) but uses the word (invest).

Example: If you would like to buy this house you need to pay 500,000 $

Say: If you would like to own this house all what you need is total investment of 500,000 $

*Avoid say it is (final price) , say it is the (best possible price)

Final means closing negotiation, best price means the price is better than competitors but there is space for slight negotiation.

*Avoid say the world (problem) , instead say (all is good we are just working on ..”say the issue”)

*Avoid say the word (why) , instead say (What is it that makes you..?)

The psychology behind the word why is the blame , why you did this , why you could not do that…

What is it that makes you.. ? Question that leads you to know more about your client observations.

*Avoid say (Can’t) , say (will do our best)

*Avoid say (impossible) , say (not easy)

*Avoid say (but) , say (and) instead “the word but is disagreeing with whatever has just been said”

* Avoid use the world (should or have to) , say (you may )


In presentation you ask open questions to know more about your client needs , in closing you use closed questions that leads to yes.

The product is in your price range , right ?

Yes, right

I believe it is the quality that you are looking for , is it ?


Would you like to use credit card or cash ? … Closing question.

Closing question is varied depends on the industry and product , you may use previous one in retail for instance, and use sales magic tips for magic closing

Contract signing embedded command :

Notice this SIGN of quality (pointing to the quality mark with his pen). And you know we are offering you a good deal, if you HEAR what I am saying. (Gestures with pen as if offering it to the client).

The more you practice the techniques of sales magic the more you feel that the selling process is going smoothly and easy.

Words you choose makes a big difference, it is always ..YOUR CHOICE!!