Cold calling

Is the marketing process of approaching prospective customers or clients who were not expecting such an interaction.


Are you one of those sales people who try to sell through phone ?

Unless you are selling a service not a product cold calls basically are meant to set an appointment and get the client interested in your product it is not meant to sell . The biggest mistake that sales people do is trying to sell their product throw phone conversation hence they lose a big chance of meeting the client knowing his needs and being more effective to the customer’s modality system (VAK) .

You might have a chance to sell auditory person , but what if the client is visual who needs to see the product and pictures or  video presentation , or kinesthetic who needs to feel the product ?  

In order to set an appointment you need to use the techniques we spoke about previously specially embedded commands . before picking up the phone and speak to the client you need to have complete plan of what words are you going to use and is it directed to set appointment along with all questions client might ask (apart from question about the product whereas your answer will be “all questions about products will be answered during the meeting” otherwise you will end up selling the product on phone) and most important how to get the client interested about your product or service.

Here you might want to use Google to search up your client and get as much information as you can about them , the more you know their needs and what they want the more convincing you can be ,as you will match there needs to your product .

Generally , most of professional sales people says that the more cold calls you make the more appointment you have and the more appointment you have the more sales you will make.

If average person could make 10 meetings out of 100 cold calls and one sales out of 10 meetings (10% rule)

Imagine what you can do if you could increase the 10% into 20% or more , the better you get into using the magic words the better your sales figures will be.

The formula is simple .. the more you train to apply these skills the more chances to sell you have .

The trick in cold call is the set up question , never start with what you want to sell but start from client’s interest point a question that customer can’t say no , usually it is started would you be interested in …

Example : (Selling a service)

Bank Loan:

Average sales person : We are having promotion now that we can give you up to 100,000$ bank loan within 24 hours with interest rate of 5 % and you can pay for 5 years ,are you interested ?

Client : thanks for calling , send me details by email , I will think about it.

Sales Magician : Would you like to have 100,000$ cash now ?  (Question you won’t say no to it.. don’t you?)

Client : YES.. I would like to !!

Sales Magician : Great.. We will give you 100,000$ within 24 hours only!

Client : Hmm , what is the charges ?

Sales magician : well , to have 100,000$ it takes just  69,5$ a day only for 5 years.

Client : Wow , sounds interesting, what is the process.

Sales Magician:  Will you be free today afternoon for 10 min only?

Client : I think so, can we meet in my office at 2 PM

Sales Magician : will be on time…


It takes just a little more effort to make a big difference , practicing is the key for success here.