Following up

Is not just providing a high standard of customer service it is criteria of sales magicians.

With technology nowadays, there are great ways to follow up much better and easier than email and phone calls such as whatsapp and wechat apps and a lot more whereas you can send videos and know that the client received it instantly . Interaction with people now is much easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. People now socialize and make business online more than anytime before , majority of the sales I do is through whatsapp .

If you work for someone , when you follow up ,you are not just making more money from commissions by selling more , you are actually increasing your database which is basically your value in the market and that’s what you get paid for. Now recruiting standards become very high with so much competition .Degree and experience are not enough anymore. You must work on your market value. To explain it well , think as a businessman .. Why would you hire someone ? to bring you income right? .. so when you look at degrees and experience these are just elements to get you started in another company but to be productive and make money you need database that is what will get you paid more.  

You probably heard that if client answers NO it means NOT NOW.

Personally since I have work in high end jewellery for more than 13 years. I met many VIP clients who didn’t bought on spot but I could manage to sell them big sales after a year or two and then they become to be a regular client that they would buy more often and refer another VIPs to me.

Persistence and patience is the key , Once I had a VIP client who used to visit my city twice a year only and every time he is in the country I prepare myself to meet him , each time my colleagues would say he will never be your client he is hard person to catch as he is guarded with at list ten bodyguards and every time I reply “ I will sell him one day and you will see “ after three years I could manage to meet his assistant, meet the client , and sell him over than 1.5 million dollars one shot.

If you learned all selling tricks you may sell once to one client but if you follow up you could sell many times to the same client and referred ones .

Let me simply put it this way , if you don’t follow up it is as if you have a cow and you milk it only once in a lifetime !!