What makes someone a great salesperson?

A question everyone in sales field might think about!

Personally, I have asked top sales people and sales managers in different sectors in many companies seeking for healing answer , what I have got is something like dedicated hard work , pleasant personality , appearance , organized , more cold calls and may be luck ! , the most interesting answer was from one of the sales managers in auto mobile industry .. I don't know ..he said , it is a mysterious thing .. no matter how much training we do for staff but still the top sales person do much more than the average colleagues.. he said it might be luck but they just do more sales we don't know how and it seems to be that most staff after training use the same technique but still doesn't make a difference and he end up with .. I don't know the answer!!

I have met with top sales person in one of leading real estate companies , and to be honest he is not that nit elegant dressed as I expected the guy was constantly on the phone never missed one even during my conversation with him we were interrupted many times. and finally the phone was quite for 10 min that I seized the opportunity  to abstract the answer that I am looking for, and it was just one question .. how do you do it?  what is it that makes you sell more than the rest , he shortly answered ..CONTACTS ! is it the answer that I am looking for ? but there were many others in the same company who have more data base than him! how he can close most of the phone calls that he got comparable to others  ?!

A question that kept me wondering for long time. However, and because of my constant curiosity and hunger for knowledge , I came across the NLP topic that impressed and influenced me since it is generally  part of psychology that focus on human excellence. I have devoted so much time to learn and read about it which it is never ending process. Eventually, with my sales experience over a decade and knowledge that I got from Sales trainings and NLP I finally found out the answer to the addressed question. the answer that could change not just your sales figures but probably your mental image to be highly suggestive persuasive person .

You will understand later how some magicians use the same techniques to influence people. YES it is more than a sales game it is magic .. the question is : would you be interested to be A SALES MAGICIAN  !???