Arabs are very much influenced by three factors as per “Edward V. Badolato, Executive Vice President for Homeland Security” Religion, language and family I will add on that culture.

I won’t go into details about each one but all conclusions are derived from those factors majorly.

Arabs generous , hospitable , good-hearted people respecting elders and appreciate respectful manners very much the more polite you look like the easier for them to like you and trust you. Even though it is hard for an Arab to trust someone as they are very skeptical , slow in taking decision , even if they told you they took decision it doesn’t mean at all you made a deal, they might change their minds in minutes, you make a deal with Arabs once you receive money ONLY. That’s why trying to close the deal on the spot will be great way to prevent loosing deals , be careful from being pushy otherwise you will raise doubts and lose the deal.

They listen to their gut more than facts and factors , and they judge based on appearance cause they believe appearance says so much about whom you are.

Arabs are smart buyers , they bargain a lot and they will check the whole market before taking decision about buying, and same like every body they love wining, the feeling that they push you till the end and get the best deal from you. Hence the best closing technique with Arabs is being able to deliver that feeling that you almost sold on cost price and still make your profit. It looks like it is hard to sell if you don’t have competitive advantage, but guess what your competitive advantage is no matter what is your product or whoever is the client , if client likes you he will trust you if he trust you he will buy from you and if you follow up he will buy from you over and over again .  

Arabs are generally auditory people , and you can feel it from the tone in Arabic language and who ever listen or try pronounce Arabic language know what I am talking about , it is easy for Arab to learn any language with native accent. For that if you go to NLP topic you know what kind of words you can use to sell Arabs.

Being auditory , the word of mouth is very important factor to promote something in Arab region .

Sales Tips for Arabs:

  • When you speak to Arab lady never have straight gaze , try to look away from time to time that shows respect . Also shaking hands with Arabic lady is not recommended unless she started it.
  • If you are not Arab native speaker try to learn few Arabic words like greeting , that will help you to break the ice instantly as they appreciate foreigners who put effort to learn their language.
  • Clear, deep, and calm voice is mesmerizing to auditory Arabs.
  • Asking about slef , health and family is likable greeting way in Arab culture, you may find it weird to be asked many times at same time “how are you” and that is their way of breaking ice.
  • Yes , Does NOT mean Yes , it means I will think about it , it is never yes till you get paid.


Finally , these are general and common features about Arab personality. It varied from someone to other depends on education and cultural influences.