Is a special psychological state (trance) that a person can reach when bypass the critical factor (conscious mind) into subconscious mind it is the same state when you have day dream or the few minutes before you sleep since your conscious mind will be lazy, tiered, ready to sleep whereas subconscious mind never sleep.

I won’t go into deep details about the difference between subconscious and conscious mind rather than focusing on the benefits of hypnotherapy to change unlikely behaviors and gain good habits.

Einestein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Imagining you getting all skills you want and making all sales you dreamed of is a great step to achieve your goals.

Outcome based thinking : visualizing achieving the end result

When identifying outcomes it is important to be as specific as possible. The more specific you can be the greater chance you have of achieving that outcome.


This is a small exercise of self hypnosis helps to boost your “self image” , I would suggest to read the whole paragraph first and memories it before going into it step by step, of course it will be less effective than trained hypnotherapist to hypnotizing you than first time self-hypnosis.

Please note that you might drift into sleep after continuing the first section , if you don’t want to ,it would be more proper to set alarm for half an hour from the beginning of this exercise …

Lay down back in quite place, and allow your eye to close, allow them to be comfortably close. Take a gentle deep breath and relax , as you breath out you feel your body getting heavier and heavier .

Imagine your feet relax, allow them to relax , feel the numbness and let the feeling drift up to your legs and thighs , feel the heaviness in your legs and let that feeling goes up to your waist ,stomach and chest feel that heaviness breath in and breath out , as you breath out feel the heaviness in your body move that great feeling to your arms ,hands and fingers , realize that you are not able to move your fingers . let that sensation flow into your neck up to your face , you might be surprised that your jaw is still tight , release that tightness and allow your jaw to relax ,relax your cheeks and the little muscles around your eye , the forehead. Wonderful … take a deep breath and feel that heaviness in your body , allow it to increase. Now , the more you try to move your body the heavier it becomes , RELAX…

As you are in this state , imagine as if you are watching a movie on large screen , imagine yourself but the best you ever on that screen , see the way you stand , what are you dressing , whom are your colleagues and friends , where are you working , where do you live , what car do you drive how much money do you have and make, how healthy you look like , how happy your family are . Imagine .. on that screen , the people you are meeting the deals you are closing and the way you are closing them , NOW , jump into that screen and see in your own eyes the world from within feel what it feels being this best you ever , see and listen to your colleagues and bosses greeting you on your brilliant achievements , the sales you made and your great contribution into the business growth . live that dream and feel the greatness.

Go out from the movie and watch yourself on the screen again , slowly wake up feeling better about yourself and motivated to be the best you as close as possible.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to keep your “self image” high , boost your confidence , motivate yourself , pick up new skills by imagining yourself doing them over and over again , and so much more.

Theodore Rossevelt Said “ Believe you can and you’re half way there “